Hello world!

The journey starts here.

Well, actually, it started on Blo**er 24 hours ago, but one day was enough on that site to try an alternative. The light has been seen. Ironic, given the time of writing.

Hoping to use this blog to share thoughts related to education. Feel passionately that we need to get it right, whether in the classroom, pastorally, looking after staff or developing our understanding of children. Want to help offer support or insights, and promise to try not to get political too often.

Love cycling, and seeing Chris Froome storming through the Pyrenees reminds me of Sir David Brailsford’s view of marginal gains. I think we can look to do the same in teaching, so will cast the net in various directions at times to seek small improvements to what we do.

Image from Compfight

Hope you’ll join me for the journey!


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