Brave New World for schools?

The article on 12 future trends for education is one of those that fascinates me.
12 Hot Trends for Future Schools
I have believed for some considerable time that schools and education will change, according to the differing possibilities of technology or requirements of pupils/universities/employers. Despite this, I see a huge amount that has remained consistent over the past 22 years of my teaching: OK, we understand far more about quality feedback, assessment methods, open-ended questioning, paired assignments and the like, but still I wonder, “How much tangible change has taken place?”.

Maybe this is an occupational version of the age paradox – despite the advancement of Father Time, you still imagine yourself to be the significantly younger version. Possibly I am failing to see the extent to which things have changed in and outside of the classroom.

I am excited about any opportunities to increase the personalisation of the learning process, which is why I have enjoyed the flipped classroom principle so much. Like many teachers, I probably don’t do as much in terms of differentiated tasks as I should due to the constraints of time, but I know each step is worthwhile for the recipients.

Reading these twelve points for the future give me pause for thought, therefore. Might I be leading a school that really embraces such change, especially as described in some of the later points? That really steps in to the unknown with the awareness that teachers, parents and possibly pupils will be genuinely and understandably concerned that this is not the norm for a traditional school?

I’d like to think so. That said, I don’t want the concept of flexibility to be such that children are rarely seen, with all work completed by interface from home. Learning is, and will hopefully always be, a process of engagement and interaction.

One concern though: it has been hard enough to get my “generic iTablet” to play ball with writing this. What happens when I am depending on it for the education of my class of 300 children, of varied ages, languages and locations?


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