Lesson Study 101 | barrydunn

Pleased to read Barry’s thoughts on Lesson Study.

We adopted it as our professional practice this year. It was not without some teething troubles, much of which was due to not giving groups sufficient lead-in time for the joint research and/or planning. However, having collaborated widely, we are hopeful for a stronger response this year.

Certainly the group that brought this idea together for our improved lesson observation scheme remains very positive about its impact. Any idea how many other schools have this approach?

Echo Chamber Uncut

Lesson Study is a professional learning cycle where 2 or more teachers identify a challenge to learning, research possible solutions, plan a lesson together using this knowledge, observe the lesson and reflect upon their findings. This cycle is then repeated until all members of the group have delivered a collaboratively planned lesson and their finding are often delivered to colleagues or others to share their learning.

Dudley (2010) identifies the process originating in Japan in 1872 and due to this it is a significant proportion of the researched written by practitioners in Japan. He…

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